Life of a Universal Credit Sufferer

Raising awareness of the failures of Welfare reform


Welcome and thank you for visiting my page.

My name is Alex and I live the Scottish Highlands.

I am disabled and confined to a wheelchair and also suffer from other neurological symptoms that impact my ability to be independent.

Some of you may have seen my twitter @RespectIsVital, and my posts about my life on Universal Credit.


What started as an off the cuff tweet about how I spend my fortnightly £95 Universal Credit payment, has led to it being retweeted 4900+ times and shared on other platforms.

It also led me to create the #FoodBankChallenge which I started with the help of actor Hugh Grant. You can read all about this in my first blog post here.

I aim to highlight the failures of Universal Credit and explain in depth the struggles people have faced since it has been rolled out, and also offer advice to those claiming it on how to navigate.

Universal Credit has been criticised by MPs and MSPs from all parties yet the government and DWP refuse to make changes.

I hope to help provide a voice to those who can’t speak up themselves and lobby for change. DWP poverty is a major issue affecting people nationwide.


I do not get paid for what I do but if you’d like to make a donation so I can carry on my research and writing, I’d be truly humbled. This would also allow me to buy food instead of using a foodbank. Regardless of this I will carry on trying to make a positive difference.


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