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Alex Tiffin

My name is Alex Tiffin, I’m 30 years old and I live in a small village in the Scottish Highlands.

I write about politics and social issues facing people in the UK. Occasionally something entirely random but equally as interesting.

I am currently on the UK governments “flagship” welfare reform benefit; Universal Credit.

I’m first and foremost a dad and as such I can sometimes appear like I’m slacking. But I always try to respond to every email and messages as soon as I can.

I started documenting my experience after I posted a tweet outlining the harsh reality of life on benefits.

I share my message in the best way I know; very direct, with irrefutable evidence to back up my claims., otherwise what’s the point?

I suffer from several complex medical conditions which can affect my ability to get out of the house. Despite this the Department for Work and Pensions DWP saw fit to overrule my hospital consultants and class me as fit to work.

When I originally began writing, I thought that I was an anomaly in the system however, I have now discovered that Universal Credit is failing tens of thousands of people, especially the sick and disabled.

Welcome to new writer Bayard

Recently an ex employee from the Universal Credit Service Centre; Bayard Tarpley, has started writing on here.

He will document what goes on inside the DWP’s nerve centre and give a real insight into what’s expected of them. To find out more about Bayard please click here to read his introduction.

He will also give his views on current affairs we can look forward to his exposing the DWP series.


Due to my very low income I had to rely on foodbanks to get by. As I couldn’t afford to give anything back to them physically I decided to start the #FoodBankChallenge.

If you can, please make a donation to your local foodbank as they are under so much pressure because of this government’s policies.

I aim to highlight the failures of Universal Credit and explain in depth the struggles people have faced since it has been rolled out and make people realise that, despite the government’s stance that it’s changing lives for the better, it’s not.

I hope you enjoy reading my content as much as I do writing it.

Take care


If you like what you’ve read and you’d like to support me in continuing to write more you can make a donation here. Independent Journalism is just as important as mainstream as it covers the topics they don’t want to, or aren’t allowed to by their editors.  Click here to donate.

I am an NUJ member and they have been very supportive in giving me advice and tips.

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