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  1. Esther is causing my family to suffer financially and also healthy wise. I cant work at the moment but been found fit for work. There is no help from the #DWP. They simply DO NOT CARE. We dont know if we will be evicted. This must be a human rights issue. The best place for Esther is in court. Let the world see and hear the lies. Then sack her. Lock her up. Make her pay for pain and suffering. Theresa May too.

  2. 8 assessments since 2012 when they stopped money for ten months now its stopped again on 24 pain killers a day PAIN 24/7 DO YOU UNDERSTAND RIP MY FRIEND Leanne chambers

  3. The two child tax credit policy is very shortsighted so many children are living in poverty now even within families that are working but are on low pay and this policy could affect future generations of children. Economic inequality is one of the most pernicious inequalities it affect health and well being outcomes to say the least. Children need and deserve the best start in life

  4. Miss McVey, why have you not replied to correspondence sent to you by Mr Douglas Ross MP. on 24th May or are you going to make a statement then run away as you usually do in the House of Commons?
    Disgusted U.C. Claimant

  5. My experience with that when it uses Real Time Information to assess benefit when a job ends. After my last contract ended in April, I had to wait until end of May to be paid due to works pay role. This payment was assess as earnings for June due to my assessment period leaving me without enough to pay rent let alone eat. This is penalising people on low wages, zero hour and short term employment contracts.

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