1,624 048.56 – That’s the number of feet Jeremy Corbyn was from the Munich terrorists graves

Tunis to Tripoli

On Friday evening the Daily Mail reported that Jeremy Corbyn was; “just feet from Black September members who killed 11 Israelis.” However, it has recently become clear that is simply not the case. The terrorists are in-fact 307.6 miles away, (in a straight line), from where the Labour leader was in 2014.


We can all agree the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics was an act of terrorism that should be condemned in all cases.

What isn’t right or fair is for national newspapers to use inflammatory and misleading statements that upon fact checking are found to be lies. The Daily Mail led on Saturday morning – 11t August – with the headline;

“Corbyn’s wreath at graves of Munich terrorists”

What’s wrong with this headline, apart from sensationalism, is that it is a lie. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, 8 terrorists from the terrorist group Black September took 11 Israeli athletes hostage.

It ended with a botched rescue attempt by the West German authorities and the deaths of  all 11 Israeli athletes, 5 of the terrorists and a West German police officer. Here I can show you were the actual graves of the terrorists are.

  • Luttif Afif, Yusuf Nazzal
  • Afif Ahmed Hamid
  • Khalid Jawad
  • Ahmed Chic Thaa
  • Luttif Afif

Above are the names of the five terrorists killed in Munich. All are Buried at Sidi Munaidess Cemetery, Libya after the late Colonel Gaddafi accepted their bodies to a hero’s welcome.

The three others; Mohammed Safady and brothers Adnan Al-Gashey and Jamal Al-Gashey, were arrested by the West Germans after the shootout but were later released in a hostage swap after an airliner was hijacked.

No integrity

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Of course the media have gone into a frenzy over this and all mainstream outlets seem to have failed to do some basic fact checking to ensure that these claims were true.

The Daily Mail article on Jeremy Corbyn’s attendance at the wreath-laying ceremony int Hamman Chatt Cemetery in Tunisia centres on the bodies of four men;

  • Salah Khalaf
  • Hayel Abdel-Hamid
  • Fakhri al-Omari
  • Atef Bseiso

While four men are alleged to have had links to Black September, it is only allegations by the Israeli government that they were involved in the planning of the Munich atrocity we have to go on.

The four men buried in Tunisia were honoured for their work for the Palestine Liberation Organization – PLO and were alleged to have been assassinated by the Israeli spy agency Mossad in an operation codenamed; “Wrath of God.”

Netanyahu wades in with a blatant lie

The false reporting by the Daily Mail and other news organizations in the UK has now led to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joining in the attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

He himself blatantly lied when tweeting Mr Corbyn laid a wreath “on the graves of the terrorist who perpetrated the Munich massacre.”

As I have clearly shown above this isn’t the case. Also Netanyahu’s claim about Nazi comparisons is also a lie.

Mr Corbyn had said that Palestinians are suffering an occupation comparable to europe in WW2. At no point did he compare it to the Nazi’s treatment of minorities such as the Jews or those with disabilities.

He was making a comparison to how everything in Palestine is controlled by Israel like Berlin was in control of European countries under occupation in WW2.


thinking man

In conclusion what is occurring is an attempted character assassination of Jeremy Corbyn. Never before has a prominent politician with a real chance of becoming Prime Minister stood up for the Palestinian people suffering illegal and discriminatory occupation.

In my opinion the sheer frenzied reaction shows that Mr Corbyn is truly feared. He would break the status quo on Palestine and actually make a stand. This is something that those on the right simply cannot seem to allow.

They seem instead to be content that Israel will continue to keep breaking international law with no repercussions.

What Jeremy Corbyn represents is a threat. But to me like many others he is simply standing up for what is right. Failure to condemn war crimes is just morally wrong.

In no way am I saying Palestinians aren’t also committing crimes, that’s just naive. However, Israel has turned Gaza into the worlds biggest ghetto by blockading and completely obliterating it.

Has this brought them more peace? No it’s brought more international attention and an increase in attacks.

Violence will only lead to more violence…

Alex Tiffin

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