It’s time for a People’s report to combat media bias – Are you in?

The people's report

Last night I made a decision. After IPSO rejected my complaint about the Daily Mail’s inaccurate reporting of Jeremy Corbyn in Tunis I decided it’s time we act. That’s why I’m proposing what I want to call; The People’s Report.

Above is a video that I made last night explaining my proposal to create an independent daily news program.


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The UK Media, both in print and broadcasting are the least trusted in Europe right now. So bad is the current state of our news we cannot believe barely anything they put out without having to check if it’s true.

This tweet by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn highlights just how much power so few people have over our news. It’s unacceptable that journalists have become a mouthpiece for their corporation. Their job is not to side with their employer, but to report facts.

As I wrote yesterday IPSO the supposed independent press regulator refused to investigate my complaint against the Daily Mail regarding their breach of the editors code.

Mr Topple from Independent News Site; The Canary, has subsequently reported that although some other articles are being investigated, the article that started “wreathgate,” which is the one I reported, is not. If they won’t tackle the root of the problem why bother?

This is why I think it’s time that the people have their own news report. No bias, no big boss, if the facts back-up the story it should run whether it’s uncomfortable or not.

I need you help

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Now I’m not proposing starting a 24 hour news channel. What I have propose is a 30 minute to 1 hour bulletin once a day.

Nobody would own this, and many different people would report stories. The main point is that everyone is equal and anyone is eligible

Now I’m now tech wiz, nor am I clued up on the ins and outs of how to do this. I will need help with many different aspects of the project.

What I thought would be a starting point is that people can pitch a story and if it’s ok they film it themselves and send the video and any relevant documents & evidence etc to a central person who would edit it together.

Another important part of the bulletin is that it can be broken down into separate segments so that people can share the story that they are most interested in.

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I just want to be clear that this is still very much an idea that is evolving. I may be pitching it to you but I’m more than happy for people to come in and take over.

All I want is for news to be factual. I don’t want to have to fact check news as it defeats the purpose. Also stories reported by the people will be more engaging and much more relevant.

Mainstream news outlets want to profit. The stories they cover are just another payday. That’s not journalism.

Journalism should be about holding people to account, forcing change for the good and not doing as you’re told. I have no doubt there will be stories that I may not like but as long as it’s based on solid facts that is all that I believe matters.

If you’d like to help and be part of the People’s Report please get in touch. Lets make this a movement for good.

Too long have the rich dictated what’s newsworthy. I say not anymore.

Alex Tiffin

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