Watch “Austerity, it ain’t over – Last Week in the News #LWIN” on YouTube

Watch “Austerity, it ain’t over – Last Week in the News #LWIN” on YouTube

8th October 2018 1 By Alex Tiffin - @RespectIsVital
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Austerity, it ain’t over

This is the first episode of: Last Week in the News and it’s about austerity. It’s a roundup of news stories throughout the week that didn’t get the coverage they deserve.

This week we have stories related to Theresa May’s false claim that “austerity is over.”

I plan to do more videos on various topics which will hopefully will be of help to some people. As always, feedback is welcome as it hekps me be better for you. If you share this or any topic related to it please use #LWIN to help this grow.

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