My name is Alex Tiffin and I’m the editor of this site; Black Isle Media. The name is related to the area of the Scottish Highlands in which I live.

What started off as a small blog in May 2018, is now a fully fledged and recognised news outlet which has gained over 1 million views in 2019 alone.

We have broken several stories of national importance and now regularly appear in the national media on television and in print.

Black Isle Media is different from your average news site. We give a voice to the people usually excluded from the news. Instead of writing about them, we let them help us write for them.

We offer an insight that very few other news organisations give; The cold hard reality, unpolished and uncut.

Our language isn’t always polished or proper, rather it’s blunt and honest. People don’t care about how fancy you sound, they want it in basic understandable terms, and that’s what we provide.

We pride ourselves on reporting the facts of a story. It’s not our job to tell you what to think, but rather to give you the facts so you can make your own informed decision. That’s what Journalism is all about.

We are proud of the diversity of our writers and contributers. They come from all backgrounds and beliefs, and we believe this helps us give you a more informed article. After all, who better to tell you about something, than someone who’s living or affected by the issue they’re reporting on?

We are still building our presence and are looking for funding to continue to do so. Our writers and contributets are paid AT LEAST the NUJs recommend rate for their work.

If you’d like to help us expand and improve our service, please consider donating or even sponsoring us. We answer to our readers and them alone. No billionaires with vested interests. Just cold hard facts.

For Media Enquiries please use the Contact Us Page. We have appeared in the National Media on numerous occasions and are always available for comment.

We have achieved the Trust Mark through Facebook for our Newsworthiness, Accuracy, Ethics and Diversity and Funding Transparency.