Author: Alex Tiffin - @RespectIsVital

Just a guy documenting his experience on Universal Credit hoping to make a positive difference.
3rd June 2018 7

Benefit life isn’t like you see on TV £10.50 for 2 weeks

By Alex Tiffin - @RespectIsVital

Contrary to popular belief, life on benefits is not expensive holidays and fancy tech. It’s grim.Find out more on why in this article.

3rd June 2018 1

A Million Disabled People Sanctioned Since 2010

By Alex Tiffin - @RespectIsVital

A four-year study by University of Kent lecturer Ben Baumberg Geiger & the Demos cross party think tank, has found that disabled claimants receiving Job Seekers Allowance, (JSA), were 26-53% more likely to be sanctioned than claimants who were not.In just ten years they found that; disabled people have been hit with OVER 1 million sanctions.