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I really enjoy writing and researching articles that I think will be of real benefit to people as I’m not afraid to cover what the mainstream media won’t. Independent journalism is integral to kerkeep people informed.

I do put a lot of time and effort in when I am well enough or when I do not have my children.

If you could make even a small donation it would make a massive difference to me. I am unable to leave the house much so this really has opened a door to me becoming independent again.

Version 2

New to the site but already popular, Bayard Tarpley does not want remuneration for his contribution to the site, I feel it is only right and fair that I give him what I can.

It is incredibly kind and brave of him to write about his experience working for the DWP and I want to give something back to him for this.

To everyone who has donated before thank you so much. I hope that I am still doing a decent job of keeping you informed and updated.

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