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Black Isle Media is a totally independent news organisation. We have no billionaire backers or vested interests. As such, we rely solely on donations and sponsors to continue to operate.

Our articles are in-depth and totally different from your average article. We delve in deeper do you can understand all aspects of a story. This means our writers put in a lot more time and research than other journalists. We don’t just report the catchy parts of a story, we cover it ALL.


We want to expand and take on new writers. These writers would come from diverse backgrounds. We don’t care about education or class, we want writers who can relate to what they’re reporting on.

Therefore, we’re starting a funding drive to raise enough fund’s for a full time employee to report on more stories. But we need your help to do this.

To do this we need to raise funds.

They would all be employed by the company and paid through PAYE with a workplace pension. They would always receive at least, the minimum recommended fee per article as set out by the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). We NEVER pay per click. This funding drive is too see if there’s an appetite for more articles. As such, there’s no target, no updates, we will be able to see from the success, or not, of the campaign.

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