Ownership & Funding Information

As part of Facebook’s News Page initiative, they suggest a page on Ownership and Funding for Transparency.

Universalcreditsuffer.com referred to as “the site” is owned and operated by BLACK ISLE JOURNALISM LTD.

This is a ltd company registered in Scotland, Company Number: SC621273.

Alexander MacDonald Tiffin is the sole director of the company. There are no employees, (correct as of 22/02/19).

The site is funded 100% via donations from readers. All donations are liable for UK tax (Scotland).

Donations are made via PayPal and information of donors is recorded SOLELY on The Companies PayPal account for maximum security.

This data is NEVER shared with any external 3rd parties, except Companies House or HMRC, under any circumstances.

It is used solely for accounting purposes and will remain that way. The only people with access to the data is the Alexander MacDonald Tiffin.

In future, the site may become partly funded by Alexander Tiffin by means of any media fees he may receive.

A minimum of 10% of monthly donations go to charities involved in reducing poverty.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me by going to the contact me page.