Welcome to my page about Universal Credit, welfare reform and the harsh reality that it’s causing so much pain and suffering to the people it’s meant to protect.

You’ll find a wide variety of stories from my own personal experiences, to articles I have written based on current affairs, reports and studies.

Some of you may have been directed here via an article you saw on twitter. I post on there as @RespectIsVital, and that is were this all started.


I aim to highlight the failures of Universal Credit and explain in depth the struggles people have faced since it has been rolled out and what needs to be done to ease the suffering.

Universal Credit has been criticised by politicians from all parties, yet the government and DWP refuse to make changes.

Anyway I hope you find my articles engaging and educational. If you have anything you’d like to ask you can contact me or leave a comment on an article, feedback is always good.



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