5,700 PIP Claimants Turned Away From Assessments Due To Staff Shortages

An answer to a written question to The Work & Pensions Secretary has revealed that, in 2018, 5,700 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claimants attended their

New Assessment System Could Lose You TWO Benefits At Once

Last week, Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd announced that her department was looking into combining the health assessments for certain benefits into one. However,

7,990 DIE within 6 months of PIP claim rejection. Over 5,000 terminal claimants don’t receive decision

Minister for Disabled People, Sarah Newton MP has revealed that between 2013 and 2018 over 73,000 claimants died within 6 months of making their Personal

NAO finds Motability overcharged by £390 million

Motability, the company which supplies cars to people with disabilities has been accused of overcharging customers by £390 million over the past 10 years. The

Two in Three Personal Independence Payment decisions overturned at Tribunal since 2013

A Freedom of Information request has shown that since Personal Independence Payment (PIP) came into being in 2013, over two-thirds of cases that go to

My claim for PIP and the high standard assessments as set by the DWP.|By Stuart

Stuart's lastest entry. I do not edit or censor Stuart's entries as I feel it's better to let him write his opinion from inside the

My Universal Credit diary: “With six days to go, I have nothing left” Excerpt from NS

An excerpt from my article on the Statesman website. My diary of two weeks on Universal Credit

I caught Atos lying about contacting my Doctors – PIP Assesment

So it’s arrived, my Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Atos assesment. I knew it would happen but the way it’s happened, no. I’m currently on Disability Living Allowance, at the beginning of May I received the forms to begin my transition to Personal Independence Payment (PIP). That’s fine, I knew it Continue Reading

Two weeks – £6.89 for food & no driving licence for at least 4 months

Well I got my £95.34 Universal Credit Payment on the 6th June. Last month it was 10.50 for two weeks this time it’s £6.89. I’ll lay out why now.

‘More than 1.5 million people in the UK, including more than 350,000 children, experienced destitution last year’ – Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Alex ∼ @RespectIsVital ∼ 8th June 2018 Universal credit tips the already poor into hardship, say charity, Joseph Rowntree Foundation. More than 1.5 million people in the UK, including more than 350,000 children, experienced destitution last year, their study found, this meaning they regularly went without food, toiletries, adequate clothing or shelter. Continue Reading

Tory austerity strips more than 3,000 computers with internet from libraries in England, yet Scotland and Wales see rises.

While Scotland and Wales see rises in the number of computers in libraries, England see’s a dramatic fall of 3000. Austerity isn’t working.

Universal Credit in Great Yarmouth: “Food Bank has seen a 90% increase in use since Universal Credit was introduced.”

Article exposing the pattern of increased foodbank use after Universal credit is introduced to an area

220,000 Mental Health PIP claimants to wait until “after summer” for payment, despite High Court win, and a 2nd DWP U-Turn.

DWP backs down on PIP again but reveals 220,000 claimants entitled to payment will have to wait until after summer depsite court win in dec 17.

Grandmother 62 & Granddaughter 4, Face Homelessness due to Universal Credit

A grandmother and her 4 year old granddaughter who she cares for have been threatened with homelessness after she was denied Universal Credit for being born in America, despite having been in the UK since she was 5. Banks has lived in England since she was five A grandmother and Continue Reading

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