Tesco Will Deliver to People in Self Isolation – Learn More

Tesco have this evening released information regarding grocery deliveries for people who are self isolating under the government’s Coronavirus – COVID-19 guidelines. Thankfully, Tesco have confirmed that they will continue deliveries to affected people, but with certain conditions. This will be a relief to the thousands of people who already Continue Reading


A win for equality as Tesco and Shell agree to improve help for disabled drivers at the pump

I can confirm that both Shell and Tesco have confirmed that they are going to work to improve the assistance available to disabled drivers at their petrol stations. A major improvement planned is to ensure that all their filling stations are signed up to the FuelService Scheme

Are petrol stations failing disabled customers?

For me, filling my car up is something I actively tried to avoid, usually taking someone with me if I can. Whilst service stations owners are keen to say that they offer help disabled customers, in reality it’s a different story.

UK Supermarkets discriminate against the poor

Having been contacted by a friend who found they couldn’t afford the minimum payment for an online shop, I’ve decided to look into the supermarket policies that are discriminating against the poor and disadvantaged in the UK.

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